What We Look For When Buying An Investment Property

At Excalibre Investments, we have a straightforward approach to real estate success. We wanted to share our criteria and what we look for when buying a property. We are here to make your journey into property investing easy to understand and navigate.

Investment Property


In our quest for profitable investments, we place a spotlight on location. We focus particularly within the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. We search deep into specific pockets within DFW Metroplex analyzing markets and locations. Anchors like churches, grocery stores, and retail spaces define the architecture and potential of the neighborhood, they become integral elements when considering a multifamily property investment.

Property Condition

The condition of both the neighborhood and the property is crucial. A well-kept property signals safety. It also adds long-term value to the property. We understand that a visually appealing property is important for creating a positive living experience.

Strategic Value-Add

Excalibre Investments recognizes the potential in a value-add property. We adopt a meticulous approach to properties that may need some work. The focus is on upgrading the property per the business plan without exceeding the capital budget. Our aim is to add value in a market despite interest rate fluctuations and debt market challenges. We have a keen eye for selecting investors who resonate with this vision.

Age of the Property

The age of a property is an important component in our business modelling process. We prefer properties built after 1978. We want to avoid the expense associated with chillers or boilers. Late nineteen seventies or early nineteen eighties construction is preferred. These properties attract a more diverse tenant base and allow for preferred amenities like washer-dryer connections and Wi-Fi packages.

Occupancy Rates and Financial Assurance

Occupancy rates are significant in qualifying for loans. These rates directly impact financial viability. With a target of at least 86 to 90% occupancy, our objective is to secure a consistent and predictable cash flow. Upholding our commitment to maintaining preferred occupancy rates comes from our dedication to meeting or exceeding investor expectations. Whether it’s on a quarterly or monthly basis, our goal is to deliver on time distributions to our investors.

Getting Started

The process to begin investing in multifamily assets is straightforward. If you are interested in learning more, the first step is to schedule a free Money for Life call with one of our team members.  

Excalibre Investments of Texas LLC. specializes in multifamily real estate properties. These investments involve acquiring and managing multifamily properties. Visit our website www.excalibretexas.com or call 817-368-1938. Our office is located 624 W. University Dr. #419, Denton, TX 76201.

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