Two More Assets

In this episode, I talk with Sharon Riddle, a seasoned real estate investor, as she unveils the 4 key components of a successful real estate investment that simply can’t be overlooked.

With over 30 years of experience in providing business solutions, Sharon shares invaluable insights from her journey, emphasizing property analysis, acquisition, rehab, and management.

Co-founder of Excalibre Investments of Texas, she transitioned from single-family to multifamily real estate, amassing over 3,500 units.

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE EPISODE02:10 – How Sharon got started in multifamily real estate

03:46 – Underwriting single family deals

05:21 – Paying attention to what GPs are doing

07:38 – LP side and GP side real estate

09:40 – What sparked a transition for her

13:05 – Real estate professional designation

17:43 – Outlook on deal reserves

20:48 – Words of wisdom for new investors

25:24 – Today’s Market location opportunities

28:22 – Contact Sharon


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