Powering Profits: The Riddles’ Multifamily Mastery

Welcome to “The Get Diversified Podcast as we continue our Power Couple Series with The Riddles, Dan and Sharon, seasoned multifamily real estate investors with 8.5 years of experience. Sharon holds an MBA and brings diverse skills to the multifamily world. They transitioned from single-family to multifamily real estate, which offered scalability and passive income. Dan, from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has a background in aerospace and defense. After the 9/11 impact on his career, he sought a more flexible and lucrative path, leading him to multifamily real estate. Their journey began as limited partners (LP’s), carefully researching teams, sub-markets, and property amenities. They stress the importance of due diligence in selecting trustworthy partners who share their vision. Sharon’s insightful question to partners, “What excites you about this property?” reveals their commitment to understanding the passion behind each investment. Their story showcases unity, informed decision-making, and the pursuit of financial freedom, serving as an inspiration to all investors. For more information or to contact Sharron Riddle visit her website.

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