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We had the pleasure of meeting Sharon in 2019. We have always had a good relationship since she is a very knowledgeable multifamily investor. Through the years we have been able to partner with her on one of our Syndication deals, with Sharon as a passive investor. Sharon makes sure to know the submarket very well and that it meets her goals and criteria. Sharon asks the right questions about the business plan and underwriting in general. This is due to her experience and investing skills.

We also had the honor to have Sharon as a guest for Episode 19 on our multifamily Zero-to-One Online Meetup. She kindly shared with us and our audience her investment background, tips and advice for people who want to get started in investing.

We are very pleased to have Sharon as a friend and investor. Additionally, we look forward to continuing to share our knowledge and building our successful relationship.

~ Claudia & Martin Rubio