Breakthrough Walls with Ken Walls and Sharon Riddle

Over her career, Sharon Riddle has worked in companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. She has provided business solutions in the areas of software upgrades and business process analyses and has conducted best business practice research for over 30 years. Sharon began investing in single-family real estate in 2005 with her husband and business partner, Dan. She took a leadership role in managing all facets of the business, including property analysis, acquisition, rehab, property management, and resale of properties. Sharon, with her business partner Dan, started the transition to multifamily real estate in 2015 through initial education and investing passively in 18 properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and Ohio, totaling 3,507 units to date. She joined the Women’s Multifamily Mastermind in 2019, has been a personal mentoring student of Brad Sumrok since 2015, and co-founded Excalibre Investments of Texas LLC with Dan in 2022. For more information or to contact Sharron Riddle visit her website.

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