Author: Sharon Riddle

Breakthrough Walls with Ken Walls and Sharon Riddle

Over her career, Sharon Riddle has worked in companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. She has provided business solutions in the areas of software upgrades and business process analyses and has conducted best business practice research for over 30 years. Sharon began investing in single-family real estate in 2005 with her husband and business partner,…

Powering Profits: The Riddles’ Multifamily Mastery

Welcome to “The Get Diversified Podcast as we continue our Power Couple Series with The Riddles, Dan and Sharon, seasoned multifamily real estate investors with 8.5 years of experience. Sharon holds an MBA and brings diverse skills to the multifamily world. They transitioned from single-family to multifamily real estate, which offered scalability and passive income….

Two More Assets

In this episode, I talk with Sharon Riddle, a seasoned real estate investor, as she unveils the 4 key components of a successful real estate investment that simply can’t be overlooked. With over 30 years of experience in providing business solutions, Sharon shares invaluable insights from her journey, emphasizing property analysis, acquisition, rehab, and management….

Discovering Financial Success Through Purpose

Sharon Riddle is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in business solutions and a successful track record in multifamily real estate investment. Sharon’s perspective on multifamily real estate investment and wealth generation is rooted in a conservative approach to underwriting and decision-making. She emphasizes the importance of lowering acquisition prices and partnering…