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Welcome to Excalibre Investments of Texas, LLC where we specialize in identifying and seizing value-add opportunities in the world of apartment investments. Our unique investment strategies offer the opportunity for your capital to work harder, delivering superior returns compared to conventional investment options, all while generating consistent cash flow.

We invest in real estate assets – properties you can see and touch, supported by monthly income statements and comprehensive business plans. Our dedication lies in making wealth-building an attainable journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

Sharon Riddle
Sharon L. Riddle

Over her career, Sharon Riddle has worked in companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. She has provided business solutions in the areas of software upgrades, business process analyses, and conducted best business practice research for over 30 years. Sharon began investing in Single Family real estate in 2005 with her business partner, Dan.  She took a leadership role managing all facets of the business including property analysis, acquisition, rehab, property management, and resale of properties.  Sharon, with her business partner Dan, started the transition to Multifamily in 2015 through initial education and investing passively in 18 properties in the Texas (DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso), Oklahoma (Oklahoma City), Colorado (Aurora, Brighton), Florida (Jacksonville), and Ohio (Columbus) totaling 3507 units to date.  Served as a Key Principle.  Completed sale of all SFR assets to become a lead sponsor in multifamily projects. Manage social media marketing for our Multifamily LLCs. Joined the Women’s Multifamily Mastermind in 2019. Personal mentoring student of Brad Sumrok since 2015 and Millionaire Multifamily Mastermind since 2019.

Dan Riddle
Daniel C. Riddle

Over a 42-year career in Production Planning, Scheduling, and Management roles, Dan has been instrumental in the effective use of multiple Enterprise Resource Planning systems including both implementation and enhancements for Electrical, Electronics, and Aerospace & Defense industries. In his current position as Principal Master Scheduler for Bell Helicopter-Textron, Dan serves as the Subject Matter Expert for planning and scheduling Aircraft Production and Development Programs across the company. Dan began investing in Single Family real estate in 2005. He managed all facets of the business including property analysis, acquisition, rehab, property management, and resale of properties.


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We had the pleasure of meeting Sharon in 2019. We have always had a good relationship since she is a very knowledgeable multifamily investor. Through the years we have been able to partner with her on one of our Syndication deals, with Sharon as a passive investor. Sharon makes sure to know the submarket very well and that it meets her goals and criteria. Sharon asks the right questions about the business plan and underwriting in general. This is due to her experience and investing skills.

We also had the honor to have Sharon as a guest for Episode 19 on our multifamily Zero-to-One Online Meetup. She kindly shared with us and our audience her investment background, tips and advice for people who want to get started in investing.

We are very pleased to have Sharon as a friend and investor. Additionally, we look forward to continuing to share our knowledge and building our successful relationship.

~ Claudia & Martin Rubio