Excalibre Investments specializes in multifamily real estate properties. These investments involve acquiring and managing multifamily properties. We place a strong emphasis on valuing our investors’ time and money. The passive income distributed to our investors gives them more time for their hobbies, interests, and lifestyle.

Picture a day when you receive your first check from your multifamily investment.

Picture a day when your child says “Thank you! You paid for my college education, and I have no student loan debt!”

Picture a day when working is your choice.


Ponderosa Apartments - Columbus, OH
Bella Vida Apartments - Houston, TX
Fairview Apartments - Aurora, CO
Fairview Apartments - Aurora, CO
Ponderosa Apartments - Columbus, OH
Bella Vida Apartments - Houston, TX


624 W. University Dr. #419
Denton, TX 76201
Phone: (817) 368-1938

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I have known Dan and Sharon Riddle for 6 years as both friends and business partners. Their commitment to personal growth truly sets them apart, and they have gained incredible experience through their success as limited partners in many multifamily transactions. Dan and Sharon have a bright vision for their future and are committed to achieving their goals. They both are extremely well-connected in the multifamily investing world and have had coaching from the best there is. Their impeccable character, commitment to excellence, and broad multifamily experience will continue to help them reach their goals in the multifamily space.

~ Sarah May